Can You Get Rid Of Termites Using Borax?

What Is Borax?

Borax is a white crystalline compound that consists of hydrated sodium borate. Its Ph level is 9.5. Borax is alkaline in nature. Due to its alkaline nature, it helps to remove termites colonies from your premises. In addition, it is found as an ingredient in all-purpose cleaners such as toilet cleaners, detergents, glass cleaners,  and so on.

Is Borax Effective In Getting Rid Of Termites?

Termites can increase in very less time and can destroy expensive belongings as early as before you notice them. Like powerful weather can ruin a building, there are tiny creatures called termites that can create just as much damage. In that case, everyone wants to get rid of them. Borax is one of the ingredients used to eliminate these tiny creatures from your property. Yes! It is effective too. Borax is alkaline in nature which is why it affects termites in an appropriate way.  When termites come in contact with borax or eat it, then the borax gets into the system of termites, and slowly it destroys their nervous and digestive system. As a result, this leads to the death of termites.

How Can It Be Used?

If you suspect you have termites on your property, it is important to take action quickly. Telltale signs such as hollow-sounding wood and mud tubes will let you know that they are taking over. The best way is to call a professional termite exterminator team so that you can save a lot of time and money. For the time being, you can use borax. It is an effective way to get rid of termites. The most important thing is to use it appropriately and consciously if you want to get desired results.

 Borax can be used in various ways. It is available in the market in different forms such as borax powder, borax soap, borax spray, borax gel, borax foams, borax mix,  and many other forms. To kill termites, you can create borax baits. All you need is borax and then place it where you see termites and have doubts about termite’s colonies. Many of the termite insecticides you can find in a store use the highly effective borax as the main ingredient. Simply spray cracks and crevices in floors, walls, and ceilings evenly with the borax. Borax dehydrates the termite and shuts down its nervous system and digestive system. As a result, the entire colony can be destroyed. 

Is Borax Safe For Kids And Pets?

Yes! Borax is marketed as a green product. Borax does not contain any harsh chemicals such as phosphorus or chlorine. It contains the natural main ingredient sodium tetraborate.  Moreover, this product is also used to soften hard water. So, it is clear from this that it is not hard for kids’ and pets’ skin. Furthermore, in some playschools borax is combined with glue and water to make slime, which many kids enjoy playing with. Still,  it is advised that Borax is used with safety measures so that children cannot inhale it. As we all know precaution is better than cure. Moreover, this is not a hard chemical but is still used as a pesticide or cleaner so it affects one’s health if used in the wrong way.


Borax has been found safe to use. It is useful in several ways like household cleansing, in cosmetics, to get rid of termites. But still,  it is necessary to follow some appropriate precautions. Like using gloves while using it,  keep your pets and children away for some time period while you use it. Lastly, we can say that none is as effective as calling in a professional termite control company. Professionals can deal with termites in the proper ways and give you desired results. And helps you to stop invading them for a longer duration.      

Liam is a specialised termite inspector of our team at Termite Inspection Logan. He has years of experience in providing quality termite inspection and extermination services in this locality and the surrounding locations. Therefore, local people prefer his guidance before buying new properties in Logan city.